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Arborex logo
Arborex logo

Arborex is a wholesale tree farm, located within the beautiful forests of Citrus County, Florida. Our nursery specializes in Florida-native trees, as well as cold-hardy palms, and small container sizes.



The choice is yours!

We will deliver anywhere within the State of Florida.

Delivery fee is $20 + $2 per mile.

You may also take advantage of our "U-Pull-It" option, and pay ZERO delivery fee. This concept allows Arborex to provide quality nursery stock at unbeatable prices.

Verify that we have your desired plants by viewing our live inventory

Schedule your appointment.

You hand-select your preferred plants.

You load them onto your rig.

it's just that simple. 

Please note that Arborex is a wholesale nursery, and we only sell to landscape installers, plant shops, and other commercial entities. Individual homeowners who are interested in acquiring our plants should ask their local plant shop or landscaper to place an order on their behalf.

Our inventory is updated in real time! Scroll through our current inventory to see which species are currently available for sale, and how many we have. 

Plants highlighted in green are Florida natives. Plants highlighted in blue are cold-hardy palms (winter hardy for zones 9a and colder). Plants that are highlighted in turquoise are Florida-native palms that are also cold-hardy.

CLICK HERE to open a PDF of our active inventory.

Some of our best sellers include:

● (Beccariophoenix alfredii) known as High Plateau Coconut Palm, or Cold Hardy Coconut. This recently discovered species displays a striking resemblance to the true coconut palm. But unlike the real coconut palm, this palm hails from the seasonally dry, fire-and-frost prone inland areas of Madagascar, making it perfect for the cooler, drier, inland areas of Florida.

● (Moringa oleifera) commonly called Drumstick Tree, Horseradish Tree, or Malunggay. This tree has it all; edible, drought tolerant, & incredibly fast growth.

● (Washingtonia robusta) the Mexican Fan Palm, or Skyduster, is a tall, thin palm that is cold-hardy & extremely tolerant of dry conditions. A happy specimen can exceed 100ft in height, yet is quite attractive & tropical looking when young.


Arborex is a wholesale tree farm, and is not open to the general public.


Although anyone can view our live inventory and pricing, only wholesale customers can make purchases.

Why choose Arborex:

• Lowest prices in the state! (most of the time)

• Transparent & open pricing, right on our website.


• We are available 7 days per week, 8am to 8pm, to accommodate all schedules and deadlines.

• Appointment-only access assures someone will be on-site when you are.

• Ability to hand-select your own plants prior to purchase.

• State-wide delivery.

• Top-tier customer service from local experts, via phone, email, and on-site.


Contact Information


Hours: 8am to 8pm, 7-days

6752 W Gulf to Lake Hwy, #111

Crystal River FL 34429

Call / Text: 352-605-2772

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